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PURUM KRAFT group represents leading Czech companies from various sectors of the environmental services and creates complex solutions for our customers.
We deliver comprehensive services by integrated and flexible approach of our professional teams. All our companies work as a solid and stable partner for a sustainable and cleaner world in all aspects.

AQUATEST - Czech environmental services leader
AQUATEST - leader in sanitation, hydrogeology, logging, hydrology, water management and laboratory services
AQUATEST - leader in waste management solutions including waste recovery and recycling technologies
AQUATEST supports the quality of its services by own R&D in cooperation with leading research experts and institutions.

AQUATEST provides:

  • complex survey and remediation, comprehensive solutions to all environmental burdens, revitalization of the contaminated areas
  • services in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, hydrology and environmental protection
  • well logging and comprehensive logging measurement
  • water management projects
  • waste management services, waste recycling including waste energetical utilization
  • demolition and construction work including the supply of complex technological units
  • laboratory services and analysis, including all spectrum sampling
  • environmental audits and due diligence expertise
  • projects in the field of science, research and development


Geologická 988/4
152 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 234 607 111

IČO: 44794843
DIČ: CZ44794843

Purum company provides comprehensive waste management services. Purum delivers complex waste management services and is fully ready to deal with all kind of waste. Purum specializes in processing of legislative activities in the area of waste.

Purum provides following services:

  • comprehensive waste management, outsourcing of waste or water management
  • ecological handling, recycling, utilization and disposal of solid and liquid wastes
  • recycling of all types of waste and secondary raw materials
  • water and sewage water infrastructure, water supply and sanitation
  • related specialized transport services including ADR
  • cleaning groundwater and wastewater collectors and storage containers
  • facility management
  • training, certification in waste management
  • consultancy, advice, expert support, waste management studies, environmental audits

Purum s.r.o.

ÚVR Mníšek pod Brdy 600
252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 318 592 671

IČO: 62414402
DIČ: CZ62414402

SG Geotechnika is the Czech largest geotechnical company with experience since 1926. SG Geotechnika is leading Czech company in all geological issues as the best practice example of innovative and high-end mainly in underground construction, transport construction, hydro engineering, civil construction, industrial structure engineering, power industry including all types of power plants, environment, foundation eengineering.

SG Geotechnika offers comprehensive services in the area of:

  • geotechnics and geotechnical design and monitoring
  • engineering geology
  • hydrogeology
  • soil mechanics
  • rock mechanics
  • laboratory of geomechanics
  • foundation of buildings, design of geotechnical constructions, building passports including construction supervision
  • engineering seismology
  • geophysics including aaccredited tests and measurements, laboratory services and sampling
  • numerical modelling
  • laser scanning
  • aerial work, drone digital photogrammetry
  • rehabilitation of rock walls
  • building dynamics
  • engineering geodesy
  • mining engineering
  • environmental audits, engineering and ecological risks management
  • IPPC, EMS, EIA, environmental consulting and advisory services

SG Geotechnika a.s.

Geologická 988/4
152 00 Praha 5 - Barrandov
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 234 654 111

IČO: 41192168
DIČ: CZ41192168

Construction company PROFISTAV Litomyšl is the specialist in industrial, water and agricultural construction, reconstruction of buildings and historical monuments and buildings.
The company's specialty is the offer of stone products, windows and doors of the highest quality. The company's construction and building services include:

  • engineering structures, water management and traffic structures incl. main transport infrastructure networks
  • ecological constructions
  • industrial and agricultural buildings
  • recycling and sorting of building materials and demolition works
  • apartment and ecological housing construction
  • reconstruction of buildings and monuments
  • civic amenities sites and household waste recycling centres
  • civic infrastructure incl. hospitals, schools, university campuses, gyms and sports facilities

PROFITTAV LITOMYŠL provides further products and services:

  • mining, sale and cutting of best quality opaque stone
  • photovoltaic power plant operation

PROFISTAV Litomyšl, a.s.

Tyršova 231
570 01 Litomyšl
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 461 612 050

IČO: 27742741
DIČ: CZ27742741

There are two main sites of the company of UVR Mníšek pod Brdy operations. The first one is UVR Technology Park in Mníšek pod Brdy (Central Bohemia) and the second one is Lignit Mine in Hodonín (Southern Moravia). Company provides activities of the training center of the group including the PURUM KRAFT Academy.

In addition to comprehensive management, both development sites, UVR offers a vast range of services:

  • lease of administrative premises, warehouses, operating halls, meeting and training rooms
  • facility management - all services (energy distribution, water management, building security, cleaning, maintenance, waste disposal)
  • management of the lignite mine and provision of activities related to mining (geological exploration, exploration of mineral deposits, setting up and maintenance of mine works)
  • education, training and courses at the UVR Training Center in Mníšek pod Brdy and Hodonín including meetings, incentives, conferences and events services
  • sales of electricity
  • management of photovoltaic power plants

UVR Mníšek pod Brdy a.s.

ÚVR Mníšek pod Brdy 600
252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 318 592 671

IČO: 45147477
DIČ: CZ45147477

Combined road and rail transport of hazardous substances and waste with the innovative logistics technology - combined transport using special transport containers.

  • tank transport and combined multimodal tank container transport
  • sale, transport, distribution and storage of chemicals, including transport of corrosive substances by modern rubberized tanks
  • comprehensive logistics services for hazardous substances
  • transport of all dangerous substances including full solution of liquid waste removal, hazardous materials and water, wastewater services and sewage cleaning
  • comprehensive solution of raw materials and waste by a single and fully equipped company

ADR - Trans, s.r.o.

ÚVR Mníšek pod Brdy 600
252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy
Czech Republic


IČO: 27365964
DIČ: CZ27365964

As far as mercury and related materials are concerned, BOME is the best ecological partner for all needs. Company provides processing of mercury contamination and all kinds of mercury-containing waste. BOME gradually developed into the largest producer and supplier of mercury, especially mercury of the highest achievable purity (99.9995%), in the Czech Republic. Most mercury is exported abroad.

Manufacturers in the chemical industry (catalysis) belong to most significant mercury consumers produced by BOME s.r.o. For the needs of dentistry, BOME s.r.o. began the production of special mercury doses of various weights used in the manufacture of amalgam capsules. This high-end provides an accurate dosing ratio to protect the health of the patient.

BOME team is ready to deliver an appropriate solution of mercury anytime and anywhere.

BOME s.r.o.

V jezírku 544
252 43 Průhonice
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 267 750 010

IČO: 47217201
DIČ: CZ47217201

Chemická bezpečnost (Chemical Security) is the Czech market leader in recycling and processing of gas cylinders and offers the following services:

  • environmental training, administration and waste law
  • contamination and remediation research
  • engineering activities in the field of environmental protection, operation of the hazardous waste store
  • industrial cleaning work, demolition, demolition and liquidation work
  • assessment of the technological process with regard to the generation of waste products
  • measurement and assessment (certification) of storage tanks, reservoirs and reservoirs in terms of permeability and leakage to the environment

Chemická bezpečnost s.r.o.

Nábřeží SPB, 457/30
708 00 Ostrava - Poruba
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 596 915 060

IČO: 25890069
IČZUJ: 554821

The joint venture of AQUATEST and REC GROUP. Biosolid operates one of the largest and most modern decontamination centers for soils and sludges contaminated mainly by petroleum substances using a biological way, by the so-called biodegradation. The facility was built as a brand new investment of the PURUM KRAFT and REC GROUP Holdings, which combined their strengths, contacts and experience for that purpose.

During its lifetime, Biosolid company decontaminated more than 1 million tonnes of hazardous waste - especially contaminated soils. Biosolid performed these works as a subcontractor in very important redevelopment projects, including the rehabilitation of the most complicated industrial contamination projects.

Biosolid, s.r.o.

Kostelanská 2128
68603 Staré Město
Czech Republic

IČO: 26136830
DIČ: CZ26136830

PURUM KRAFT provides primarily know-how, ADR transport and health-care supply suitable for decontamination in this project. The steam rotary autoclave is the main technology used.

This facility works on the principle of sterilization (such as medical instruments). The waste is completely decontaminated with hot steam at the appropriate temperature, each process has a prescribed decontamination period so that all harmful organisms are killed by hot steam. All possible infectivity is ultimately eliminated. Finally, sterilized, non-infectious waste is topped up and can be further used as an alternative fuel in cement plants.

EKOPUR s.r.o.

Dobřejovice 97
37341 Hosín
Czech Republic

IČO: 26106612
DIČ: CZ26106612

The Slovak leader in the field of engineering geology and geotechnics, especially in the field of geotechnics for underground constructions.

GEOFOS company offers:

  • complex engineering geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys
  • environment geological surveys
  • engineering geology and geotechnics field measurements
  • environmental monitoring
  • geotechnical, hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical monitoring
  • remediation of the geological environment and ecological burdens
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of buildings, activities and technologies
  • expert research, studies and consultancy in the field of engineering geology, hydrogeology, geotechnics and the environment
  • geotechnical and geological surveillance of buildings and documentation during and post construction
  • analysis of embankments and slits
  • slope deformations remediation redevelopment surveys and engineering projects

GEOFOS s.r.o.

Velký diel 3323
010 08 Žilina

Tel.: +421 903 511 560

IČO: 36 006 980

Joint venture of PURUM KRAFT and INTERPORT groups. INTERPORT CARGO is a provider of efficient, reliable, secure and comprehensive logistic solutions. Its customers benefit from company’s top quality and reliability, regardless of the task, complexity or market volatility.


  • design and implementation of innovative logistic solutions and freight transportation
  • logistic support and project planning
  • customized turnkey industry solutions to individual customer´s needs
  • supply chain optimisation


Geologická 988/4
152 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic


IČO: 06458971

Ethiopian consulting and engineering company established by a decision of partners in 2014. AQUACON ENGINEERING is registered with Ethiopian Investment Agency, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Energy and Ethiopian Revenues and the Customs Agency.

AQUACON ENGINEERING provides following services:

  • water resources investigation and management
  • water works design
  • irrigation
  • geological and engineering geology investigation
  • geophysical measurements
  • geophysical well logging
  • waste recycling and solid waste management
  • wastewater treatment technologies design and operation
  • remediation of contaminated water and soil
  • remedial investigation and supervision of remedial projects
  • environmental consultancy
  • social economic consultancy and risk assessment
  • research and training
  • research and development (R&D)
  • training and transfer of know-how


Tsehay Complex, District 14, Bole Sub-City,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, P.O. Box 46230

Mr. Zenaw Tessema
Tel.: +251 (0)933191051

Mr. Jiri Sima
Tel.: +251 (0)941962358
Tel.: +420 603 198 123