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At PURUM KRAFT we are environmentally conscious. We work in a pure way following our customers' needs. Our mission is to go with the respect to the environmental needs and in a tight harmony with the planet Earth, where mankind has a privilege to live on. We strive to manage the valuable natural resources with the full respect to nature. We strive to be useful, considerate and conscious partner for all ecological challenges.

Our strategy

PURUM KRAFT expresses the Czech tradition and quality rereferring to the famous Czechoslovak heritage. Always with honesty we satisfy our customers’ needs and solve environmental problems. PURUM KRAFT guarantees professionalism, modern ecological methods and proven experience.

Discover pure qualities

PURUM KRAFT is a group of the top Czech companies providing the full spectrum of environmental services. We stay for the environment, to secure it for future generations. Together we are ready to solve complex projects. PURUM KRAFT provides a wide range of services from water and waste management, through energy industry, sustainable use of natural resources, to ecological construction and transport.

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